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Day Two is pickup terminology for a first date with natural pheromones. It simply means that this will be the second day you’ve hung out with this particular person. I don’t like to call any meeting between you and your potential sexual partner a “date” because of all the preconceived notions surrounding what a date is and how it should go. Dates today tend to be a shallow attempt to recreate a much older style of courtship that no longer really works. Women don’t need to be “treated” to dinner and drinks by a guy now. They can pay their own way. Women don’t need to agree to the suggested conditions a guy might offer up. Learn more at and it sounds like a boring date on the phone, it won’t be any more fun in person. The goal here is to have an amaz- ing Day Two shared experience with your guy. The goal is to get the dates you want and not spend time watching vtelevision shows you hate, movies that bore you, or dress- ing up for stiff meals in stiff places that are no fun at all. The point of a Day Two is interactivity. You can’t talk to each other in a movie. You can’t determine his energy level and physicality over dinner with true pheromones. You’ve got to insist on a pheromone activity that is conducive to the free flow of conversation, touch, and movement. Surfing at the beach, playing pool, hiking, a scavenger hunt, a cooking class: these are all great examples of an Interactive Day Two. And here’s an example of how it could play out in real life. dAY TWO: Pheromone INTERACTIVITY In the late afternoon, you agree to meet at a nearby pool hall even though you don’t play pool, but he’s promised to teach you how. After thirty minutes of getting your ass kicked, you declare victory and announce that all that winning made you hungry. You suggest a nearby food truck festival with live music, and the two of you walk over. Because he picked up the pool hall fee, you offer to buy the tacos, and the two of you load up on hot sauce and napkins. WARNING! Some guys are a bit old-fashioned. They don’t like going dutch and they believe a man should pay for everything. If you’ve met one of these chivalrous guys and you can tell with real pheromones. If all goes well, he will try to keep you on the phone for longer than your stated five minutes. But let him work to keep you on the line. CLOSE FIRST You have to be the one who ends the call. You can stay on the phone with him for another thirty seconds, but then you need to get off the phone, framing it as if you are just busy. For example, you can say: YOU: “Oh crap, another call, I have to get that, talk to you later. Bye!” Learn more at

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