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It also allows you more control over the new pheromones. For example, you can reward them for saying something you like by turning your body slightly towards them. What’s more, giving negative body language after you deliver a banter line sends a message that you’re not seeking their approval and you aren’t attached to the conversation. In fact, you don’t even care if it continues. Proper use of negative body language can be a very strong hook for attraction. Learn more at and

It gets her to start chasing after you, rather than the other way around, which is basically the goal of true pheromone production. Rhett Butler, Gone With the Wind The American Film Institute voted this line the number one movie quote of all time – and most women will tell you that it’s also the SEXIEST movie quote of all time. Why is that? Why do women love the “bad boy”? What makes him so attractive with true pheromones? To put it simply – he doesn’t give a damn. He’s EXCITING, he’s playful, even a challenge, and he doesn’t need anything from her. And that’s exactly what you should try and be – not the part about being a “bad boy” but the part about being playful, non-needy and carefree. If you have nothing to fear, or “give a damn” about, then the whole world becomes your playground. Even if this is not the case, “fake it until you make it,” a principle now broadly recognized as having scientific merit. Don’t think about the job or car you wish you had, or the women you want to sleep with, but can’t – nothing external or outside of you. Instead, focus on what’s inside of you without pheromones. Think about the kind of man you want to be. And then start acting like that’s what you already are. Walk around like you’re on top of the world, like a man who doesn’t need anything, because he already has it. There are two psychological states that help you appear more carefree non- neediness and non-approval-seeking. Once you assume these emotional attitudes, you will seem more confident. And this type of carefree confidence is especially important in the early phases of the process. People hate neediness of your natural pheromones. When a man needs attention and validation, he will suck energy from the group. When you enter a conversation, you should be adding energy, not taking it away. Increasing the energy level of the group will make you more attractive. Needy guys do the opposite. So when you go out, be carefree; remind yourself that you don’t need anything. You’re just along for the ride, going with the flow, seeing where the night takes you. If you are worried about coming off as disinterested, standoffish or rude, don’t be. You’re simply not dependent on anyone else to show you a good time. Forgive the clunky term, but “non-approval-seeking” was the best I could do. If anyone takes offense, just laugh it off, apologize and tell him or her that you’re working on your eye contact. Learn more at

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